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Welcome My LJ Peeps!

Proud member of the Risembool Rangers!

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You are a Rocker Girl!

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The WeatherPixie

My name is Kristine, I'm 16 years old. I live with my Mom, and little Brother, Carl. I have two cats, Kit-Kat and Mittens. I’m home-schooled. I have ADHD and I suffer from severe Scoliosis (that's curve of the spine). I'm a computer tech and I'm an young Actress. I'm hoping to get into voice acting very soon.

I love lots, and lots of anime. I love to play (and WIN) video games. I love music and I love to sing. I'm learning Japanese as a second language. I help the wildlife. I've saved over 300 animals in 3 different states. I'm very much in love with the actor Elijah Wood and I'm a very huge fan Vic Mignogna. I'm a proud Risembool Ranger!

I had a dog named Smokie for 10 years but he died May,15,2005 and I had a fish named Eddy he died October, 10, 2005. I had two gerbils Sugar & Spice. Spice died Sepember,19,2005. Sugar died December, 22, 2005.

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