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Hello Everyone!

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Nov. 1st, 2006 | 04:42 pm
Location: My office
I'm feeling: mellow mellow
I'm Listening to: Nothing

Happy late Halloween!!!
I went Trick-Or-Treating around my whole block. My Grandpa had to take me and my little brother, Carl this year because my Dad got sick. This was the first Halloween he didn't take us Trick-Or-Treating. But I still had lots of fun. I was a Twilight Fariy.

I started working at ASG today, it's a really big computer company.  My Mom also works here too. But guess what?! I have my own office! But still I rather be home in my room watching anime on the computer though. But I guess this is cool, except for the fact that I have to do work.

Oh! And the Mama cats and the 4 kittens their now at my house not my Dad's house anymore. And Boots is gonna have babies too! I wish I could keep them all. But their only going to stay with us until we them good homes. Which I hope is never because then I could keep them.

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