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LOST Episode 2!!

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Oct. 17th, 2006 | 05:11 pm
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No one replied... Okay I have my theories on LOST episode 2.

***Possible Spoilers***

Thanks to last weeks episode we now know Ben’s (the fake Henry Gale) last name, it is Linus. He claims that he has lived on the island his entire life. Now that may be true depending on his point of view. He may actually have crashed there as a small boy – given his age he may have been the surviving child of Adam and Eve, whose corpses were discovered in the caves by Jack and Kate in Season 1 or he may be part of the DHARMA Initiative maybe Ben has similar psychic abilities like Walt or maybe he has some sort of condition or disability that could threaten his life if the island’s power doesn’t help him, like Locke and Rose.

Colleen is first seen reporting to Ben and Juliet that some of the castaways have a sailboat. She is then ordered by Ben to round up a team and get that boat. She of course, as we know is shot by Sun while trying to steal that boat.
She may or may not be dead, it was reported that in this episode that two people close to Sun would die. Now we know that Jae is dead and he was close to Sun but could Colleen be the other death? She is also close to Sun but not emotionally, but by proximity.

***Spoiler*** Possibly Colleen could be the “other” that Jack has to ‘scrub up’ for in the upcoming episode “Every man for Himself”.

*****Ok, here are some upcoming highlights/spoilers (some of this may or may not happen, sometimes Online sources are not always accurate)******

Supposed Ian Somerhalder, who played Boone in Season one, will be returning. He will be seen in ‘visions’ by Locke as a young man who died trying to keep the hatch a secret. And Boone will lead John Locke on a redemption journey of sorts that will unravel another island mystery.

The fates of Charlie, Mr. Eko, Locke and Desmond will be revealed after the implosion of the Hatch, while Hurley makes it back to the beach to tell the tale of what happened to Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Also there will be two new characters introduced as well, but I’ll leave that for alone for now, but they are found in a compromising position.

***End of Possible Spoilers***

There is so much more…..but we’ll leave that for another week!
Till then…

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Jo Ann

From: yeuxdebleu
Date: Oct. 18th, 2006 05:43 am (UTC)

Interesting, as always. I guess I missed your thoughts on episode one, or I would have read it and commented.

*goes looking for episode one*

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