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LOSTIES!!! Welcome Back!!!

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Oct. 13th, 2006 | 05:21 am
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First, welcome back to LOST, Season 3. I missed all of you over the summer.

I have lots of interesting theories I want to share with all of you. Anyway, My theories on LOST, Season 3, Episode 1 "A Tale of Two Cities"


Ok, let’s start with BEN – the fake Henry Gale.

His identity – he obviously is a high-ranking member of the “Others” maybe even the Leader.

Possibly a psychologist or psychiatrist for the Others. If you look back at a picture montage of “Maternity Leave” you will see that he closely resembles one of the doctors seen.

Maybe he is Radzinsky. Kelvin’s partner from the Hatch before Desmond show up. This would support the theory that Ben already knew about the Lockdown procedure, as Radzinsky is said to have drawn the Blast Door Map, even with the blacklight not activated. Perhaps Ben/Radzinsky left to explore the Pearl , also believing the button was not to be pushed - Leading Kelvin to assume control of the Swan and kick Radzinsky out, as Eko did to Locke. However Kelvin would have had to have lied about Radzinsky's death. 

PLUS....He is already familiar with details of the Swan's function and location, because he is already familiar with all of the DHARMA initiative stations on the island.

What if…

He intentionally showed Locke the map by turning on the blacklight while in the room with the computer. It was his gift to Locke for trusting him. The blacklight never came on at other times the blast door was down.

He knew of the Lockdown procedure. As evidence, he shouted to Locke after he heard the loudspeaker to lure him from the computer room (so he would be shut out). In the last 10 seconds before the procedure, Ben shouts "Maybe we should get Jack" knowing that this would anger John. Sure enough, John shouts back, "Will you shut up!" as the lockdown occurs. Possibly, Ben knew that the vents were the only way to breach the locked areas, and he knew John would enlist his help in doing so, so that he could do something when he was left alone with the Swan Computer.

While alone with the computer, he either contacted the Others somehow to tell them what had happened to him, initiated the supply drop, or both. As evidence, Ms. Klugh later tells Michael that she knows "one of our people has been captured by yours".

And what about JULIET…

Is she Jack's potential love interest, as rumored to appear in Season 3.

Possibly she worked in the Staff hatch.

Is she a doctor, possibly in the field of psychology.

Since her favorite book, Carrie, deals with a girl who has telekinetic/extra sensory powers, she may have been involved with testing/research on Walt, and may even have ESP abilities herself.

If this is true, she may have used these powers to establish a rapport with Jack.

Juliet may be colour-blind; she refers to a red button in the Hydra as being yellow in colour.

It is possible that she is referring to the casing surrounding the button, which is yellow.

It's also possible that the button is yellow, with a red logo printed on it.

Claire said to Rousseau that Alex 'wasn't like the others; she was good'. It's possible that Juliet 'isn't like the others' either. Possibly raised Alex or at least had an influence in her upbringing.

Could she have been romantically involved with Ethan Rom, as he was fixing her plumbing for her. Whilst this could be innocent, it might suggest the two lived together.

Could she be related to Penelope(Desmond’s sweetheart), possibly her sister? While most of the women on the show are fairly original in appearance, Juliet and Penny have similar features, hair color and hair style.

Ben and Juliet

Was in a serious relationship (possibly marriage) with Ben but the relationship failed. They seem to have a history together and obviously have some issues.

This is a very probable theory due to a recent issue of TV Guide in which Michael Emerson stated that his wife would be introduced early on in the season.

Ben is mentioned during the book club scene as being a "host" for the book club that session; Juliet also claims to be a host, leading to the suspicion that Ben either lives there or used to live there, with Juliet.

What if…

Juliet's name may contain a number of allusions to the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Juliet was a girl who fell in love with a man in an enemy clan; considering her rumored role as a love interest for someone in season 3, this may be a reference to Jack.


Ok, well think that's about all. I'll be back with episodes 2 & 3 by next Wednesday. Sorry, I got off to a slow start.

And I'm learning Japanese! I can say 3 sentences in Japanese so far! I guess you start wanting to learn when you've been an anime freak your whole life, Eh?
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